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Mini Electrical Cover Assembly Workflow


Gather tools and components for assembly

Components Required

  • Electrical cover
  • Power supply
  • Power switch
  • Power cord receptacle
  • 80 mm fan
  • 4 Pos plug, 200 mm length
  • Green ground wire w/ spade and ground lug, 80 mm length
  • Green ground wire w/ two ground lugs, 50 mm length
  • White and black wires, 250 mm length
  • White and black wires, 320 mm length
  • Zip tie bases
  • Zip ties
  • M3x6 Flat head screw
  • M3x20 Flat head screw
  • M3 Nyloc nut
  • M3 washer
  • M3 star washer

Tools Required

  • 2 mm Allen driver
  • 5.5 mm wrench
  • Phillips screw driver
  • Cutters
  • Are all the tools and components gathered?
Power switch installed, note orientation

Install power switch

Install the power switch, noting the orientation. FYI, switch may be hard to press in.

  • Is the switch pressed in the correct position?
2 bases
Tie base template.
Bases installed, note orientation

Install Zip tie bases

Install the zip tie bases as shown by peeling the backing off. The middle of the base should be centered about 5 mm from the bolt holes.

  • Are they in the correct position?
Receptacle and screws
Receptacle installed

Add power cable receptacle

Install the power cable receptacle with 2x M3x6 flat head screws as shown.

  • Is the receptacle installed properly?
Wires and hardware
Wires attached, spade connector attached to receptacle

Install green ground wires

Attach the two ground wires to the case. Place the wires onto the post using this order: M3 star washer, 50 mm green wire, M3 star washer, 80 mm green wire, then M3 nyloc nut. Plug the spade connector onto the receptacle as shown.

  • Did you use star washers and connector the one wire?
Power supply and wires
Orientation of 4 pos connector
Orientation of 250 mm black and white wires

Prep power supply for installation

Attach the 4 Pos connector to the power supply by removing the four screws. Place the wires in the correct position as shown.

Take the black and white(260 mm length) wires and attach them to the power supply as shown.

  • Is the power supply wired correctly?
View of screws installed from back
Power supply mounted
Green ground wire attached
Black and white wires attached, note orientation
Zip down ferrite.

Install power supply

Install the power supply using 4x M3x6 flat head screws as shown.

Hook up the green ground wire to the power supply as shown.

Attach the black and white wires to the power switch as shown.

  • Are the wires connected to the correct locations?
560 mm length wires
Wrap wires around ferrite.
wires wrapped 4 times.
Connected to the plug
Zip ties
Zip tied in place, note the pulled slack

Install plug to switch wires

Connect the black and white(560 mm length) wires with the spade connectors from the switch to the plug as shown.

Make sure to wrap the wires four times around the ferrite alternating the wires as shown.

Wrap wires bottom to top.

Next, zip tie the four black and white wires to the zip tie bases making sure the slack is pulled and the wires aren't touching the bottom of the case and all the slack is towards the top as shown.

  • Are the wires connected and secured properly?
Fan and hardware
Orientation of fan

Install 80 mm fan

Install the 80 mm fan using 4x M3x20 flat head screws, M3 washers, then M3 nyloc nuts.

Note orientation of fan.

  • Is everything wired correctly and secure?
  • Complete

You're done!

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